“Michael Dorer is a miracle worker whose 40+ years of experience demonstrate his qualifications to serve you in a professional and supportive manner. His breadth of knowledge in educational leadership, both nationally and internationally, ranges from early childhood to upper elementary and includes adult learners and administrators. Michael has an idealistic blueprint of an authentic Montessori model which promotes standards of high quality performance for both children and teachers. As a colleague of Michael at Westminster College, I witnessed and can therefore highly recommend his capabilities of successfully creating and implementing an innovative and organized program for aspiring teachers. I am humbled and proud to serve the Montessori community alongside him and the fine team with whom we collaborate. Having Michael Dorer in your corner is a promising way to achieve triumphant results!” September 26, 2012

Angela M. Lord-Carsrud, M.Ed., Adjunct Faculty Member, Westminster College

 “Dr. Michael Dorer is a nationally recognized Teacher Educator who has prepared Montessori Teachers to serve children from 6 to 12 years of age for many years. His knowledge of the 6-12 Montessori System of Education is encyclopedic and his ability to prepare teachers effectively at that level is outstanding.

Dr. Michael Dorer is one of the nation's most effective Montessori Teacher Educators."

Feland Meadows, Ph.D.
Goizueta Endowed Chair
Montessori Specialist
Kennesaw State University” October 30, 2012

"Micheal Dorer was a keynote speaker and presenter at the Montessori Australia Council's annual National Montessori Conference in 2012. He ws highly acclaimed for his knowledge and enthusiasm in his presentations.” October 11, 2012

Eva Nislev, Chair, Montessori Australia Council  

 Michael has been to New Zealand to deliver workshops for teachers several times. His workshops leave teachers feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. They come back to their work with the children with renewed vigour. His gift for inspiring children through story telling is especially appreciated.” October 2, 2012

Jan Gaffney
“It is with great pleasure and strong sense of honor that I recommend Michael Dorer to lead, establish, consult with, or teach anything related to Montessori education, theory, and practice. I have worked with Michael in the evaluation of Montessori teacher education programs and Montessori schools and find him to be a remarkably knowledgeable educator, a strong and well qualified observer of children and adults' learning habits, and a gifted teacher of adults.

If one has the opportunity to engage a consultant for a Montessori program, please know that he comes recommended very highly.

Frank Brainard, Head of School
Greensboro Montessori School, NC” September 21, 2012

“Michael is a very dedicated member of the Montessori community, driven by a strong sense of service for all children.” September 20, 2012

Andre Roberfroid, President, Association Montessori Internationale

“Michael is an outstanding Montessori educator. He has helped hundreds of schools as a consultant, directed one of the very finest Montessori teacher education centers, and continues to be an inspiring writer and keynote speaker at countless Montessori conferences.” September 18, 2012

Tim Seldin, Chair, International Montessori Council
“Michael is one of the greatest Montessori presenters of our time. I have attended several of his workshops, in different conferences, for many years now. He is always entertaining and very knowledgeable of the material he was presenting. He has been able to expand the math Montessori lessons and make them into living formulas for the children.

Personally, I consider him a great friend and colleague.
I highly recommend Michael Dorer!” September 18, 2012

Rosario Toward, Assistant Head of School, The Renaissance School
“I have worked with Michael Dorer while planning a college program for Montessori Teacher Education Candidates. I found Michael to be knowedgeable and cooperative. He is well known in Montessori teacher education as a leader in the field.” September 18, 2012

Floyd Creech, Early Childhood Coordinator, Florence School District One

“Michael's articles are amazing and I am eagerly awaiting his book Deep Well of Time. His lectures are inspiring and informative,” September 18, 2012

Sharon Caldwell, Writer and Consultant, Montessori
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